Avaya Aura ® Platform

Digital Transformation for  Today’s Enterprise

Avaya Aura ® Applications

Avaya Solutions enable Digital Transformation by providing a comprehensive suite of advanced communications applications for voice, video, mobility, messaging, conferencing, customer contact and more. These include:

The Avaya Equinox Experience, a sleek, unified communications tool that provides one-stop access to voice, video, instant messaging, calendar, meetings and more. Its “mobile-first” Top of Mind screen provides at-a-glance visibility to everything that a user needs in real time: schedule, contacts, messages, and call history.

Avaya Equinox now also enables users to achieve the full benefits of a cloud-based, fully integrated team collaboration environment. Users can create and enter team rooms organized by a variety of categories with members both inside and outside of the organization, essentially breaking down the boundaries of a company’s communications infrastructure. The enhanced, Avaya Equinox Experience supports persistent team messaging and chat, file sharing and task assignment and ad hoc and scheduled meetings, with audio / video conferencing, and screen sharing.

Avaya Aura® MessagingComplete and intuitive control of your messaging including, emails, voicemails and FAX in one user-friendly format.

• Avaya Multimedia MessagingExtends simple Instant Messaging and presence with the ability to securely send text, audio, video, pictures, files and other attachments across the enterprise allowing individuals and groups to interact and productively handle conversations and workflows. Conversations can be point-to-point or multiparty, topic based and extend across mobiles, tablets and desktops and persist over time allowing offline members the ability to join the conversation when appropriate.

DevConnect Applications: An extensive array of third-party applications for vertical market requirements and specific customer needs helps you get the most from your Avaya solution.

Each application can be separately scaled, enabling customers to flexibly introduce applications for targeted users and then incrementally expand to broader user populations over time.

These applications benefit from multi-vendor, SIP interoperability and Avaya’s industry leading position in implementing advanced communication systems. 
To provide you with even more flexibility, Avaya Aura now supports the following Infrastructure as a Service (IaaS) providers:

• Amazon Web Services
• IBM Cloud
• Goggle Cloud
• Microsoft Azure


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