Avaya IP Office

Simplify the way communications and collaboration works at your business.

Move from being just connected to being truly productive, with tools that let your people
take an active role in creating value, delighting customers and engaging colleagues in interactions that deliver meaningful results.

Flexible Deployment

In the cloud, on premise or hybrid deployments are all
supported with IP Office along with the ability to migrate from one to the other when the time is right for you.

All-in-one Communications and

The Avaya Equinox experience
provides a single app for voice, video, messaging, conferencing and calendar and keeps employees productive on any device, from any location.

Cost saving applications

Built-in audio and
video conferencing, Bring Your Own Device (BYOD), and voice and instant messaging streamline support and reduce monthly costs.

Complete mobility solutions

Whether your employees are on the road, working remotely,
or just at a different location, IP Office’s intuitive tools and apps keeps them engaged, productive and reachable.

Out-of-the-box applications integration

Embed communications in the applications you already have: Salesforce, Google, Microsoft
Office 365 and Skype for business.

Distinctive Customer Contact

IP Office offers integrated voice, web chat, e-mail, FAX and
reporting capabilities that allow even the smallest contact center to support sophisticated and satisfying customer interactions.

Peace of Mind

Highly reliable and secure, IP
Office reduces security threats, toll-fraud, and down-time through a hardened architecture
that has been proven in more than 635,000 businesses.

Scalability (5 to 3,000 Users)

Avaya IP Office grows with you as your business accelerates.
Support up to 3,000 users at up to 150 networked sites.

With Avaya IP Office, your small to midsized business has affordable, flexible and powerful choices for business communications. Select the features that are right for you today and add new capabilities as your business grows and faces new challenges. Regardless of the IP Office Edition you choose, you’ll be backed by Avaya and its 100+ year technology heritage of delivering communications solutions that matter to small and midsized businesses.

Multimedia System

Turn-Key (Appliance) Editions

IP Office Basic Edition: Ideal for small and growing businesses, Basic Edition provides basic voice telephony and messaging, including voice mail, message to e-mail conversion, call forwarding, audio conferencing, automated attendant and growth to 100 users.
IP Office Essential Edition: Builds on the Basic Edition by adding IP telephony and mobility features, including one-number access and dial by name/extension. Scales to over 350 users.

IP Office Preferred Edition: All the features of Basic and Essential Editions with integrated unified communications, including IM and presence, web collaboration, mobile access, video, and call recording. Integration with business applications along with a multi-channel contact center is also provided.

Software-Based Server Editions

IP Office Server Edition: Supporting up to 2,000 users and 32 locations in a single network, IP Office Server editions adds advanced features like Active Directory integration and centralized web-based administration.
IP Office Select: With support for the largest IP Office customers with up to 3,000 users and 150 networked locations, IP Office Select offers resiliency through a duplex server option and over 500 ports for audio and video conferencing.

Ava­ya IP Office™ Edi­ti­ons

Choose the best version that satisfies all of your business needs!

IP Of­fice
Users on a sin­gle Ser­ver100384100015003000
To­tal So­lu­ti­on Users100384100020003000
Net­wor­ked SitesN/A323232150
To­tal UC UsersN/AN/A3847503000
Mo­bi­li­ty, Ac­cess, In­te­gra­ti­on
Ava­ya Com­mu­ni­ca­torNoNoYesYesYes
Web - based User Por­talNoNoYesYesYes
Lync, Out­look, Sales­force­.com
In­te­gra­ti­on, Skype
Ad Hoc Con­fe­ren­cing / Meet - me
Con­fe­rence Users
64/ 0128/ 0128/ 128256/ 256512 / 512
Con­fe­rence Sche­du­lingNoNoYesYesYes
Web Col­la­bo­ra­ti­onNoNoYesYesYes
Sys­tem TypeKey Sys­temKey Sys­temIP PBXIP PBXIP PBX
Voice­mail TypeBa­sicBa­sicProProPro
Call Re­cor­dingNoNoYesYesYes
Num­ber of Auto - At­ten­dants94040150500
Num­ber of Re­cep­ti­o­nists0443275
Main De­ploy­ment Me­thodAp­pli­anceAp­pli­anceAp­pli­anceSoft­wareSoft­ware
Ac­tive Di­rec­to­ry In­te­gra­ti­onNoNoNoYesYes
Cen­tra­li­zed Li­cen­singNoNoYesYesYes
Con­tact Cen­ter Sup­portNoNoYesYesYes
Ava­ya Aura BranchNoYesYesNoNo

Avaya IP Office User Licenses

IP Office provides flexible user solutions tailored to fit the needs of different kinds of employees, from those who only require basic capabilities, to Office Workers with collaboration needs to Power Users that are highly mobile. IP Office Basic and Essential Edition customers receive standard telephony features. IP Office Server Edition and IP Office Select customers may choose unified communications licenses such as Office Worker or Power User on an employee by employee basis. IP Office Preferred Edition has Mobile Worker and Teleworker options in addition to the Office Worker and Power User shown.

Desk­phone Call Cont­rol
Place / Re­ceive Calls, Hold, Trans­fer
Park / Page, Con­fe­rence
Ac­cess Te­le­pho­ny Fea­tu­res via Phone
Web - based Ac­cess for Office Col­la­bo­ra­ti­on
(Ava­ya one - X Por­tal)
Click to Place / Re­ceive Calls, Point and
Click Call Con­trol
Con­fe­rence Sche­du­lingNoNoYes
Con­trol Au­dio Con­fe­ren­cesNoYesYes
Fe­de­ra­ted Pre­sence and IMNoYesYes
Per­so­nal, Sys­tem and Cor­po­rate
Di­rec­to­ry Ac­cess
Vi­su­al Voice­mailNoYesYes
Rich Col­la­bo­ra­ti­on for Re­mote and Mo­bile
Turn Your Home Phone in­to Your Office Phone
(Ava­ya one - X Por­tal)
Ava­ya Equi­nox Ex­pe­ri­enceNoYesYes
In­te­grate with the Ap­pli­ca­ti­ons You Al­re­ady Have
Mi­cro­soft Out­look / LyncNoYesYes
Goo­gle Talk (IM & Pre­sence)NoYesYes
Voice­mail In­te­gra­ti­on
Stan­dart Voice­mail BoxYesYesYes
Store Mes­sa­ges with­in Mi­cro­soft Ex­changeNoYesYes
View Voice­mail and Email in a single In­boxNoYesYes

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