Avaya IP Office™
Contact Center

A Simple and Robust Multichannel Contact Center
for IP Office

Customer expectations have risen dramatically, requiring companies to develop a far broader set of capabilities for their customer interactions. To be successful today, small and midsize businesses must be able to respond swiftly, efficiently
and accurately to their customers no matter which channel of interaction—or combination of channels—customers choose.

Optimal Accessibility—Putting You Ahead of the Competition 

Businesses that want to differentiate themselves in today’s competitive global market environment must be able to provide superior service and high quality customer interactions. The demands placed on an efficient contact center are high: service must be superior and tailored to the individual needs of customers. Idle time and operating costs need to be reduced, while at the same time the business must be accessible around the clock, and still have the ability to respond quickly during peak busy times.

IP Office Contact Center extends Avaya innovation in contact centers to small and midsize businesses to give your business the simplicity and value you require. Optimized for use with Avaya IP Office software, and leveraging real—time customer service scenarios, the solution enables blended multichannel capabilities in English, Spanish, French, German, Italian and Brazilian Portuguese to enhance and expand customer communications with minimal ustomization and configuration.

IP Office Contact Center is a true end—to—end solution for businesses that want to differentiate their services from the competition, achieve better customer segmentation, and increase the value of each customer relationship. This can translate into more satisfied customers and a more profitable business.

With IP Office Contact Center, you can integrate voice, email, and web chat channels, and proactively manage the entire customer interaction lifecycle. Your business can begin at its own pace with one channel such as voice, for example, and add other channels such as e—mail as your objectives evolve.

Complete End—To—End Customer Service Strategies

With Avaya IP Office™ Contact Center, you can implement a comprehensive end—to—end customer service strategy to help make your business a customer’s first choice. This fully integrated suite delivers a variety of benefits:

• Maximize the value of every interaction by delivering consistent, personalized service and identify cross selling and up—selling opportunities

• Create stronger customer relationships by enabling every employee to be a customer advocate, to provide exceptional customer service across the entire business

• Deliver the right service at the right level, anytime, anywhere through skills—based routing and multichannel capabilities

• Increase first contact resolution by applying segmentation strategies to optimize customer handling—eliminating the need for customer calls such as: “I am contacting you again about...”

• Improve employee productivity by giving them the tools they need to proactively reach out to customers to offer new opportunities or to resolve issues

Highlights at a Glance

Flexible media distribution— optimizes business processes by distributing contacts to employees based on your pre—defined processes.

Integrated multi—channel customer contact solution for voice, e—mail, and web chat— provides optimal accessibility for all communication channels; customers are free to choose which channel they prefer when doing business with you.

Customer prioritization— define and prioritize customers using your business strategies. Permit customers to request a callback while maintaining their original queue position.

Skills—based routing— route customer inquiries to the employee best qualified to handle them, based on channel, expertise, and past experience with a particular customer or situation. Leverage out—of—the—box call flow templates to quickly define and deploy your customer service strategy.

Voice and self—service solutions— allow customers to serve themselves, which can increase customer satisfaction and markedly decrease employee workloads.

Administration & Installation— improved administrator web page including automated log collection and user interface download capability. Online monitoring— delivers real—time information to supervisors as well as the Avaya Contact Center Wallboard, which provides insight into business operations and enables immediate adjustment when needed to maximize
agent availability.

Enhanced outbound campaigns— enables multichannel outbound voice and e—mail campaigns, helping make employees more productive and providing more opportunities for revenue generation.

Telemarketing— allows the contact center to conduct targeted telephone campaigns using pre—defined scripts, helping increase customer acquisition and sales.

Historical reports— more than 30 out—of—the—box reports help you identify, measure and pursue improvement opportunities.

Easy CRM integration— personalize customer engagements and streamline the customer journey with simplified integration to CRM packages like Salesforce and SAP.

Interactive Voice Response (IVR)— supports specialized announcement and call routing treatments.

Workforce Optimization— makes available enterprise level voice and screen recording with Avaya Workforce Optimization Select to support quality management, live monitoring and employee coaching in a scalable, flexible, PCI compliant architecture.

Remote workers— enables multi—site operations and optimal resource allocation, regardless of location using the latest technologies including WebRTC.

Full featured soft client— superior web—based user interface enhances the agent and supervisor experience by providing relevant information in a clean and uncluttered fashion.

Deployment options to meet business requirements— IP Office™ Contact Center can be delivered on premise, in the cloud, or as a hybrid of both. The Customer Engagement OnAvaya cloud solution, hosted on the Google Cloud Platform and the Powered By Avaya IP Office cloud offering, enables you to choose partners and platforms that work best for your business.


IP Of­fice Pre­fer­red Edi­ti­on IP Of­fice Se­lect Ser­ver Edi­ti­on
Up to 30 agentsUp to 250 agents
Max Ac­tive Agents
(All me­dia) 
Max Con­fi­gured
Max su­per­vi­sors 1

Max si­mul­ta­ne­ous
agent call re­cor­ding 
Mul­ti — siteNoIP Office Ser­ver Edi­tion — Up
to 32 net­wor­ked lo­ca­tions
IP Office Se­lect — Up
to 150 net­wor­ked lo­ca­ti­ons
Ope­ra­ting Sys­temMi­cro­soft Win­dows Ser­ver 2008
R2 Stan­dard 64 — bit Edi­ti­on SP1
Mi­cro­soft Win­dows Ser­ver 2012 R2
Stan­dard 64 — bit Edi­ti­on
Mi­cro­soft Win­dows Ser­ver 2008
R2 Stan­dard 64 — bit Edi­ti­on SP1
Mi­cro­soft Wind­ows Ser­ver 2012 R2
Stan­dard 64 — bit Edi­ti­on
Ser­ver Vir­tu­a­li­za­ti­onEdi­ti­on Ser­ver Vir­tu­a­li­za­ti­onEdi­ti­on Ser­ver Vir­tu­a­li­za­ti­on
1 Note:  The combined number of active agents and supervisors cannot exceed the total number of seats

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