Avaya Aura ® Platform

Digital Transformation for  Today’s Enterprise

Multimedia System


Getting together with customers, coworkers, and suppliers is no longer enough. Employees need tools to take an active role in creating value, delighting customers and engaging colleagues in flexible interactions that deliver business results. To enable this transformative, people-centric engagement, Avaya has developed the Avaya Aura ® Platform—a set of seamless components that mesh together to provide comprehensive unified communications and customer experience solutions that deliver a meaningful impact to your business.

Multimedia System

Faced with growing user demands for multi-modal real-time
communication”and a huge proliferation in the number of systems, networks, applications and devices”enterprise communications architectures are rapidly growing in cost and complexity.

In many cases they have evolved into unwieldy, inflexible structures that are costly to maintain and difficult to adapt in todays fluid, fast-paced, business environment.  

Multimedia System

Avaya addresses this growing challenge through the Avaya Aura ® Platform, a breakthrough, real time communications architecture using session-based collaboration technologies. Instead of adding complexity or requiring a wholesale forklift from existing solutions, the Avaya Aura ® Platform simultaneously simplifies and creates an evolutionary path from today’s single-purpose, siloed, location-specific communications systems.

The net result is an innovative and cost-effective multimedia
communications infrastructure that integrates current and emerging investments in voice, video, real time collaboration and more.

The Challenge for Today’s Enterprise

Solutions that make it easy for colleagues, partners, and customers to stay in touch often do little to help them work together. As a result, today’s enterprise workforce is more mobile and more connected, but not necessarily more productive.
Interactions that were taken for granted when employees worked face-to-face become a significant challenge in a distributed work world where well over half the workforce is routinely out of the office.
Free flowing collaboration—the kind that occurs across a conference table or in front of a white board—becomes problematic when everyone is in a different location, connected via a different network, using a different system with its own unique interface. Where context was once provided by location, the job, or project, in today’s mobile and distributed work environment that context can often be missing—unless your
communications solutions can supply it.
While they provide basic connectivity and information access, traditional communications architectures—separate, location-specific solutions—are inadequate when it comes to enhancing the performance of today’s anytime / anywhere enterprise. They are also costly to adapt and manage. To take businesses to the next level of engagement, a new architecture is required. 

Moving to the Era of Digital Transformation

Avaya developed the Avaya Aura ® Platform specifically to address the needs of people-centric collaboration in today’s engaged enterprise.
Using a unique application of the Session Initiation Protocol (SIP), the Avaya Aura Platform unifies media, networks, devices, applications and presence across a common infrastructure.
This infrastructure supports effective collaboration, adaptable to the specific needs, devices, and locations of users throughout the course of their interactions with customers and colleagues.
The session-based architecture of the Avaya Aura Platform combines openness, centralized administration and granular control to create a solution where active participation, pervasive collaboration and quality experiences can take place across the enterprise.
Existing PBXs and other third-party communications resources can be combined into a cohesive, centrally managed infrastructure, standardizing the core environment and delivering immediate paybacks in network access, management and operational costs, while laying the foundation for collaborative solutions, like Avaya Equinox TM , our fully integrated software-based UC solution which provides a single voice, video, messaging, conferencing and collaboration solution for mobiles, browsers, desktops and room systems.


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