Avaya IP DECT Phones

Avaya IP DECT solutions for Communication Manager and IP Office deliver secure, high-quality wireless voice communications to mobile employees within a building or across a campus.

Avaya 3730

Avaya 3730

Avaya 3730 is a durable DECT handset that facilitates efficient and dependable wireless telephony. It features enterprise-grade telephony, local phonebook, access to central phonebook, voicemail and so much more.

Avaya 3735

Avaya 3735

Avaya 3735 features enterprise-grade telephony with professional messaging, Bluetooth, and personal alarm all in one very capable DECT handset. The display backlight helps to operate and use the handset in complete darkness.

Avaya 3745

Avaya 3745 / 3749

Avaya DECT 3745 / 3749 Wireless Handsets are specifically designed for rugged production environments. These shock and scratch-proof phones with back-lit keypads, large displays and enhanced liquid and dust protection are designed to enable users to quickly make and receive phone calls (including Caller ID), take advantage of hold, conferencing and messaging and get efficient access to additional Avaya Aura®Communication Manager capabilities.


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